Leadership Development Programs 

Developing the Strategy on a PageTM and Aligning Key Leaders within the Enterprise is only part of the work. Executing the plan is critical and building the leadership capacity that enables execution is an essential part of garnering success. Our suite of proven Leadership Development Programs is designed to do just that. Coming from the place that "better is always possible" our practical and applied approach to programming brings the learning that leaders need now, to help them and their teams work smarter. 


Perform Next

Skillful coaching, providing solid actionable feedback, creating moments of performance, understanding conflict styles and how to effectively have difficult conversations while combining all these skills and tools to create a culture of accountability are the foundations of effective leaders. MORE

  • Increase performance
  • Deepen communication
  • Strengthen leadership

Design Next

Unclear or less than certain future direction, misaligned and diverse perspectives by senior leaders on the strategy of the enterprise can often result in falling short of the desired results. Design Next™ brings clarity, focus and alignment so the enterprise can drive execution and results. The secret is a simplified strategy on a page that everyone has co-created. MORE

  • Right Strategy on a Page™
  • Identify and focus on right priorities
  • Clarity and alignment that drives execution and delivers results

My Next: Your Personal Leadership

The journey to becoming a seasoned leader begins with several key steps. Self mastery and deciding what kind of leader you would like to be in the world is the starting point. Once these two ideas are clear in your mind, the rest is about creating the roadmap for growing your own personal and ongoing leadership practice. Highly impactful leaders are usually not born, they know intuitively that better is always possible and are committed to doing what it takes. MORE

  • Proactively designing the life and purpose you want & the leader you want to be
  • Defining clear milestones and steps towards that end
  • Mapping the trajectory to becoming a seasoned leader and making a significant contribution

Collaborate Next

Collaborating with others in a way that shares leadership is one of the most challenging things leaders do. Successful collaborators create value in new and surprising ways. Like the elegant collaboration of an amazing jazz trio, collaboration can be learned and refined. Identifying and selecting collaborators and creating the conditions for a successful collaboration is quickly becoming a coveted leadership skill. MORE

  • Working with others to find the flow of ongoing invention to create new value
  • Lead and follow through dynamic synchronization
  • Continuously improvising to illicit and bring many ideas and perspectives to solve complex problems

The Next Innovation Workshop

Starting where you are, The Next Innovation Workshop™ demystifies innovation and makes it accessible to your team or enterprise. This is where bringing new value to new markets to enhance revenue streams and drive smart growth begins to truly take flight. Teams that can routinely innovate begin to lead in the fields in which they operate. MORE

  • Internalize the skills of innovation on a project that means something to your organization
  • Learn and apply applied tools to a real business problem such as a new product, service, improved business process, or organizational challenge
  • Identify innovation challenges, gain deep understanding, generate novel insights, ideate, experiment and prototype to drive real innovation

Influence Next

The primary tool leaders use to inspire, lead change and influence is the effective use of storytelling. Storytellers can capture the imagination and move ideas from the head to the heart in a way that gives new meaning, energy and life to an idea. Mastering the art of storytelling allows leaders an edge in gleaning attention and influencing the behaviours of others. MORE

  • Master the art of story and presentation as a tool to influence
  • Step into your authentic power and confidence as storyteller
  • Use story to add color and gravitas to your personal leadership


All of our programs are also available virtually through our online learning platform.



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