Perform Next™

Skillful coaching, providing solid actionable feedback, creating moments of performance, understanding conflict styles and how to effectively have difficult conversations while combining all these skills and tools to create a culture of accountability are the foundations of effective leaders.

  • Increase performance
  • Deepen communication
  • Strengthen leadership

Builds the crucial leadership fundamentals: presence, coaching, feedback, difficult conversations, conflict, and accountability. Presence is a foundational leadership quality that must be recognized. Individual and team results will not be maximized without coaching and feedback; skill with difficult conversations; all in service to building the leadership capacity to create a culture of accountability. In this program, leaders at every level of the enterprise learn to build a leadership practice, whatever the day-to-day. This is essential to talent development, retention, and contribution.

The Perform Next™ toolbox is, in effect, a new leadership operating system, equally relevant for front line managers and senior executives. It spreads through the enterprise and becomes self-sustaining. The tools are readily applied in one-on-one and team leadership, generating early wins and enhanced confidence. Regular practice initiates culture shift, building performance and results.


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