NEXT Online Learning Platform

Meaningful and sustained learning that can be applied and actioned is an essential component of effectively developing leaders. Our cohort-based remote leadership development programs are highly interactive and PowerPoint free. The platform's blend of collaborative online tools, intuitive learning design and Artificial Intelligence acts as an accelerant for enterprising organizations to facilitate meaningful remote learning experiences. 




Increase team performance

Deepen team communication

Strengthen & align leadership

Create new value

Solve complex problems

Elevating the enterprise with a virtual leadership ecosystem

Next is proud to offer many of our leading practices in our online learning and collaboration space, enabling our clients to rise to today’s greatest challenges and elevate the strategic, collaborative and leadership development capability of the enterprise remotely.

Here is our virtual program offering in brief: 


NEXT virtual programs

Our full complement of existing NEXT program offerings are available through the online platform. Each program combines engaging online learning activities with collaborative group discussions and sessions for an immersive remote learning experience.  

NEXT program offering:

  • Perform Next™
  • Design Next™
  • My Next: Your Personal Leadership™
  • Collaborate Next™
  • The Next Innovation Workshop™
  • Influence Next™


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Custom virtual programs

NEXT also offers custom programming, including a “Learner Space” designed around your enterprise’s unique goals. Each custom program is tailored to meet your organization's new remote work needs and provides participants with a virtual platform to engage with each other and our learning team throughout the length of the program. 

Custom programs we have delivered for clients:

  • Personal Leadership
  • Advancing Leadership Presence & Emotional Intelligence
  • Elevating Leadership through Advanced Coaching
  • Mindful Leadership
  • Charismatic Leadership


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What to expect with NEXT remote learning 

The Next Online-Learning Platform was developed to assist leaders with pre-work, intersession work and follow-up post program allowing for a deeper connection between participants in order to enhance their overall learning experience. Each program typically runs for two weeks and includes a mixture of immersive online learning, discussions and group sessions.


Prework, participants explore links to insightful videos and articles, complete a survey, and participate in virtual discussions around the selected topic.


Intersession work, after a week of generative interactions, we meet online in a two hour facilitated session to deepen the conversation, practice skill building, and surface tensions and areas for further work as a team.


Follow up post program, participants apply their learnings and prepare for the future with another week of applied online learning activities, a two hour facilitated online session with their cohort, and custom take-home resources.


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