The C-5 Project™

The C-5 Project is a collaboration between a group of highly talented researchers, practitioners and explorers Brian Woodward, Colin Funk, Caroline Berglund, Don Hill, Gabriel Rshaid and Andre Mamprin. The name C-5 represents 5 C words representing the foundational cornerstones for 5 very big ideas: Collaboration, Creativity, Complexity, Convergence and Curating.

We are a team of Explorers, Designers, Facilitators, and Change-Makers collaborating on ideas, projects, and questions to solve unique and vexing challenges to advance The Evolution of Intelligent Enterprise™.

The C-5 team is currently focusing on:

  • The Aesthetics of the Digital Space

  • What constitutes “Camp Fire Conditions” for Storytelling

  • Leadership in closed, complex ecosystems

  • The Ecology of Leadership

  • The qualities of an exceptional leader 

Coming from a foundational place of “Better is Always Possible” we are continuously seeking to make the world a better place and to enhance the places in which we work, live and play more joyful and enjoyable.

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