neXt Lab   

Research is a critical component in the work at The Next. We are insanely curious seekers and continuous learners. We are committed to the creation of new, relevant and applied knowledge. As such, all our work is research based.


Our research:

 The Essential Elements of Leadership™

 Smart Growth Algorithm™

 The Enterprise Life-cycle™



  Innovation Algorithm™

 Features of an Ecosystem™

 Intelligent Enterprise Framework™




Our ongoing learning is advanced in three specific streams:

First, we are immersed in opportunities for applied research. New thinking and understanding is generated every day from the richest source… Our Clients. We bring this work forward through documentation and case study analysis. We are confident in our findings to be relevant, meaningful, practical and often a game changer.

we have formulated specific research questions that reflect our current areas of curiosity, interest and focus:

How and why are enterprising leaders more apt to drive breakthrough innovation?

What more can we understand about the role of character in the development of leaders?

How does organizational culture square with leadership as an enabler or detractor of organizational results?

What lessons can we glean from ancient and indigenous cultures to inform modern leadership?

How is leadership changing in the face of intergenerational transitions of leadership?

What is the relationship of youth & leadership and how will the next generation of leaders be developed & ready to take on more complex problems?


Third, we are constantly seeking new understanding through the work of others that have stood the test of time.