My Next: Your Personal Leadership™

The journey to becoming a seasoned leader begins with several key steps. Self mastery and deciding what kind of leader you would like to be in the world is the starting point. Once these two ideas are clear in your mind, the rest is about creating the roadmap for growing your own personal and ongoing leadership practice. Highly impactful leaders are usually not born, they know intuitively that better is always possible and are committed to doing what it takes.

Proactively designing the life and purpose you want and the leader you want to be

Defining clear milestones and steps towards that end

Mapping the trajectory to becoming a seasoned leader and making a significant contribution

Focuses on the individual at a deeper level, building self-mastery, the first Essential Element of Leadership™. Participants are led through a six-step process to become purposeful about their own leadership journeys: envision the preferred future, take stock of current realities, stimulate creative thinking, identify supports and alignment, deploy the power of story, and action plan for the next 1000 days. This program is also a great place to debrief the results of a 360° leader feedback process.

Reflection and design make it possible to step into the leadership future with intention. What does the enterprise need? What do I want as a leader? The closer the alignment, the greater will be the success for individual and enterprise. The result may be a change in direction or deployment; this work accelerates the process of getting the right people in the right seats on the bus. The enterprise maximizes resources, creates meaning, and gets more closely connected to its leaders. Leaders experience renewal, the release of roadblocks, motivation and momentum. This work applies at all levels of leadership – emerging, experienced, and seasoned.


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