The Next Learnerspace™

Highly Enterprising Youth hold the key to our future. Humanity is currently facing some of the biggest challenges in a century and fresh thinking is required to solve these challenges. Enabling youth leaders of the future with the tools they need for success is what The Next Learnerspace™ is about.

The Next LearnerSpace™ is a collaboration between The Next Institute and The Learnerspace, designed to address the new learning required to drive success by equipping enterprising youth, between 18-28 years of age, to co-create our collective future through social enterprise-based learning and projects.





Leading the change, we want to see in in the world

The Next Learnerspace was built through a global network of educational innovators with a unique set of experience, skills, and technology. Together we connect cohorts from around the world and augment their education with an enhanced and applied community learning opportunity.

The outcome of this alchemy is a cohort of highly skilled and self-aware Youth Leaders, that are motivated to drive significant change in the world through social enterprise projects that will solve real-world challenges such as plastics, pollution, education, health, and more, in their communities.




A lab for new forms of learning and a place for safe shared exploration and co-creation, connecting real-world experts to engage tomorrow's leaders with profound and authentic learning experiences that know no boundaries.




The Next Learnerspace establishes safe shared learning experiences that ignite the power of new and continuous learning and link education to real world application to create a better world for all.




Young leaders will leave The Next Learnerspace with the type of insight that will create value, align teams around a common purpose, develop clarity and focus, and generate a roadmap to navigate the complexities of the future with greater skill, confidence and success.



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