We are committed to doing good in the world and leaving the world a slightly better place than we found it.

Our communities have helped us thrive and we feel a deep sense of responsibility to giving back to the community where we live, the communities that we work in, and our global community.

We believe that we can make a difference.

We invest in community in four ways:


Next’s leadership team volunteer as Board members and advisors to various charities, lending our expertise to ensuring the long-term sustainability of organizations supporting our community.


Next contributes to registered Canadian charities in alignment with our areas of focus.


NEXT fosters community building by collaborating with non-profits to provide strategic design, board, and leader development to develop the necessary competencies for a sustainable future.


NEXT connects innovators from our diverse client network to work with non-profits to amplify program impacts, translate knowledge, and implement solutions.


Education & Literacy

Youth Entrepreneurship


Social Services


Driving community impact through social enterprise

We are excited by, support and seek to partner with Social Enterprise by enabling and supporting leaders that want to do good in the world and for the world (Stewardship). At Next, we define Social Enterprise as:

“An organization that applies commercial and entrepreneurial strategies to maximize improvements in the financial, social, physical, mental, and environmental well-being of the communities they serve. Mission is at the centre of the enterprise, with Margin (income generation) playing an important supporting role.

A social enterprise's main purpose is to promote, encourage, and make positive social change.

A successful social enterprise is one that skillfully balances the tension between driving the social mission of their organization while maximizing the productivity of their business to ensure sustainability.”

If you are doing important work in your community, please reach out, perhaps we can help.