The Next Learner Space™ - Enabling and Accelerating Tomorrow’s Leaders

Enabling & Accelerating Tomorrow's Leaders

We are proud to announce the creation of The Next Learner Space™ a collaboration between The Next Institute and The Learner Space. TNLS is dedicated to connecting and advancing the leadership practice of enterprising youth worldwide who are leaders in their communities.

In July 2019, Andre Mamprin and Gabriel Rshaid met in Buenos Aires to refine an idea that has been percolating between them for a few years. Their collective thinking and iteration of an idea from inception to fruition were approximately 18 months in the making. “It suddenly came together on the back of a napkin in a coffee shop in downtown Buenos Aires” recalls Andre Mamprin.



“Humanity is currently facing some of the biggest challenges in a century. You might even say some of these challenges are essential. Fresh thinking is required to solve some of our most vexing challenges.” Says Gabriel Rshaid a recognized educational thought leader and innovator. Highly Enterprising Youth between 18-28 years hold the key to our future. Enabling these young and highly enterprising leaders of the future with the tools they need for success is what The Next Learner Space™ is about.

Focused on the intersection of Self, Nature, Leadership and Community, The Next Learner Space brings a unique set of experience, content, technology and capability to build a solid platform for developing this leadership. The outcome of this alchemy is a cohort of highly-skilled, self-aware and highly enterprising Youth Leaders with rich and multifaceted knowing who are highly motivated to drive significant change in the world.



These young leaders will develop the type of insight that will create social enterprise, align teams around a common purpose, create clarity and focus, and generate a roadmap to navigate the complexities of the future and solve some of our most vexing challenges with greater skill, confidence and success.

We have recently completed phase one of the Next Learnerspace, including a design collaborative with 40 thought leaders from eight countries. The virtual design process culminated in a TNLS blueprint and action plan for the following months.


Contact us to chat with our team or schedule a virtual tour of The Next Learner Space™. 



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