Design Next™

Unclear or less than certain future direction, misaligned and diverse perspectives by senior leaders on the strategy of the enterprise can often result in falling short of the desired results. Design Next™ brings clarity, focus and alignment so the enterprise can drive execution and results. The secret is a simplified strategy on a page that everyone has co-created.

  • Right Strategy on a Page™
  • Identify and focus on right priorities
  • Clarity and alignment that drives execution and delivers results

Shifts leader focus from the individual contributor to the bigger picture of team or enterprise. Over two days, leaders learn a specific, applied process for renewing a team or business unit by focusing on new value creation. The process is divided into the three stages of Envisioning, which are primarily conceptual (futuring, curating, prototyping) and the three stages of Executing, which are more tactical (aligning, operating, animating). The focus is neither planning nor strategy but creating new value – for customers or the enterprise.

This learning experience is a perfect opportunity for real-time live case study, customized to the key issues at play in the organization. The process of vision-to-action builds strategic thinking skill and brings forward creativity, developing the whole brain leader. Co-creating builds leader alignment and the capacity to collaborate. Participants come to understand the role and power of story. The process is applied and transferable, whatever the team size or function.


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