Collaborate Next

Collaborating with others in a way that shares leadership is one of the most challenging things leaders do. Successful collaborators create value in new and surprising ways. Like the elegant collaboration of an amazing jazz trio, collaboration can be learned and refined. Identifying and selecting collaborators and creating the conditions for a successful collaboration is quickly becoming a coveted leadership skill.

  • Working with others to find the flow of ongoing invention to create new value
  • Lead and follow through dynamic synchronization
  • Continuously improvising to illicit and bring many ideas and perspectives to solve complex problems

Mastering the art and science of collaboration and innovation, the enterprise begins to “break away” taking leaders to a more sophisticated level of thinking and doing. The program incorporates intense creative process and simulation, custom-designed for the enterprise culture and the business challenges at hand. Improv theatre, jazz music, and team percussion are all highly effective modalities for understanding collaboration through a deeply felt experience of how master musicians and improvisors do it with such grace and ease. There is a formula for collaboration, however one thing is certain, the leader who undertakes to solve complex problems or create new value is much stronger when skilled in collaboration.


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