Centre for Youth Entrepreneurial Leadership

JANUARY 1 / The NEXT Institute

Centre for Youth Entrepreneurial Leadership

We believe the world is increasing in complexity. The challenges we face are verging on insurmountable. It has long been evident that governments are unable to solve these problems, large scale corporations most likely won’t and even not-for-profits are increasingly challenged to solve these problems on several fronts.

We at Next believe that our best chance for generating long term solutions are enterprising youth with passion. By developing leadership capacity in our youth and equipping them with entrepreneurial skills, we are doubling down on our chances for long term success.

Our global team is currently in the process of designing and lifting a place where youth, leaders, educators and entrepreneurs can create magic together by tackling some of the world’s most intractable challenges; climate change, oceans, plastics, energy innovation, poverty, education and more. Join us with your ideas, your talent, your money or any resources you wish to contribute.

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