Evolution Not Revolution!

Current business models are no longer relevant and changing at lightning speeds. Your blueprint to drive real evolutionary change across your business already exists in the minds and hearts of your people. Our speciality is to revive it.   


The New Normal

Our world, our organizations and our lives are shifting rapidly, often not for the better.

Highly informed consumers, interconnected social media networks, a heightened focus on climate change and ecological awareness, not to mention, geopolitical realignment is impacting us all and has accelerated the pace and (complexity) of everything.

The boundaries of normal are being pushed well beyond our traditional zones of stability. Finding the best way forward and navigating in this complexity is often daunting.

Disruptive technology, digitization and business transformation are, in many cases, rendering business models, no longer viable or sustainable. Developing the right products for the right markets is becoming far more challenging than ever.

Based on long standing lessons from nature, a few things are certain. Only the most agile and adaptive are positioned to compete for the long game.

Change is no longer an option.

Evolution Not Revolution

Your blueprint to navigate the future successfully and drive real evolutionary change across your business already exists in the minds and hearts of your people. UPLIFT STUDIO x LAB jumps the curve of your business cycle into an (innovation cycle).

Our UPLIFT sessions focus on the creation of strategic value that acts as an accelerant that expands minds, surfaces untapped potential, and in many cases shifts culture and opens new market possibilities.

This drives deep and meaningful change that will renew and energize your enterprise and attract new customers.

How it works

The UPLIFT process combines a series of proven methods and technologies with new and innovative approaches; recombining these in a revolutionary new way to create powerful strategic value and renewal.

The UPLIFT method compels organizational leaders and their teams to work through a series of steps critical to reinvention & renewal. These steps are inherently disruptive, guiding your team through a journey between right and left brain thinking in order to arrive at a road map for navigating the future. The outcome is powerful. A captivating story to ignite passion and engage employees and stakeholders while attracting existing and new clients to follow you.

Andre N. Mamprin

Part Designer, Explorer, Ecologist, Developer and Alchemist, I am a studentof the Art and Science of Strategy, Leadership and Innovation. My commitment to “Smart Growth” evolved from 10 years, 40,000 hours and 48 organizations in 21 sectors. I rescue leaders from the pain of navigating complexity, reinventing their organizations.

Ezra Santos

I see patterns. Twenty-five years of experience in business management and operations has given me the ability to see patterns in the noise that surrounds organizations. A story well told is a story grounded in truth. Real inspirational stories are already woven into the fabric of your cultural DNA. Resonate internally and externally by living your best truth.

Patricia Glenn

I am that leader that loves the detail and planning as much as creating a vision, co-creating ideas and turning them into reality. As the pragmatic optimist at UPLIFT™ I strive to ensure an extraordinary experience for our collaborators. Ensuring that the rocket arrives safely to the launch pad is an essential part of any mission. Eyes on the prize.

Bruce Samuel Symbalisty

Stories are oldest form of knowledge transfer, and the best stories are ones that survive & create a connection. 25 years of experience have given me a deep skill set that strategically can craft & nurture a story for all your channels using whatever means necessary. Be Brave and Go-For-It, because if you don't, somebody else will. Let's Go!