Jason Lewis

Jason Lewis

Learning Leader, Executive Coach

Jason Lewis is a rare specimen in business or the arts: a truly whole-brain leader. He is equally at ease with both the conceptual and creative development that is essential to human performance. As facilitator and coach, he brings sharp intelligence, quick humour, and strategic spontaneity. The effect is both energizing and disarming. Given Jason’s purpose to enable talented people to change the behaviours that impede their talent, this is a highly effective combination.

Jason has served as a long-form change management consultant in the energy, pharmaceutical, and military sectors; clients include Cenovus, ConocoPhillips, and Suncor. Improv theatre is his leadership lab – he trained at Second City; acted onstage in hundreds of improv performances; cofounded the Kinkonauts in 2007; and applies theatrical techniques in all his work with leaders and corporations. Jason was educated in philosophy at Queens and leadership at Royal Rhodes. He is continually digesting the published perspectives on organizational development and is widely certified in adult learning and instructional design.

As a seasoned improvisational performer with a generous presence, Jason will take whatever is offered and convert it to something of value. In his words, “I am skeptical of the reasons people think they will fail.” A doting dad who is nurturing his improv troupe to greatness, he appreciates the creative commons in urban Calgary, where he and partner Lareina make their home.