Catherine Nelson-Reid

Catherine Nelson-Reid

Practice Leader, Health & Wellness

As an energetic and seasoned entrepreneurial business leader Catherine has led and supported many businesses in the financial and hospitality industries. Twenty-two years ago her life journey took a turn when Catherine made a concerted decision to follow her passion, Yoga.

For 15 years, Catherine has been a committed student and teacher of the Yogic path. Saraswati (the Hindu goddess of knowledge, music, arts, wisdom and nature), is the spiritual name bestowed upon her by her guru. Catherine holds over 1800 hours of formal Yoga training and was the Studio Owner and guide for many years of the Bodhi Tree Yoga Centre in Calgary, Alberta. These experiences have gifted her with a multifaceted perspective of Yoga, its practices and teachings, and what it is to be in the struggle of being human. Catherine’s daily practice is one of sitting with herself to check-in, to step back, and see what is sincerely guiding her; to bear witness to what is steering the vehicle of her being in each moment.

As a gifted intuitive, Catherine can be considered a Corporate Mystic, Facilitator and Healer working with a number of organizational leaders to reduce and heal the stress and potential trauma of organizational life, toxic organizations and the complexity of everyday life.

Catherine has developed an array of tools and methods for reducing the adverse effects of stress and trauma. Her offerings in Nervous System Regulation Skills and Tools elevates the practice of meditation, breathwork, relaxation and embodiment; Defining Your Presence and Shifting Limited Belief Patterns provides guidance in living an inspired life free of the old chains of beliefs and negative self-affirmation.

Driven to serve, Catherine shows up and sees what needs to be done. She masterfully guides her students on a voyage of self-observation and discovery through the lens of Yoga. Catherine helps unlock hidden potential and the below-the-surface issues that can hold us back as leaders.

By imparting deep wisdom from the heart, Catherine is highly compassionate and deeply caring about all living things. With a strong desire to contribute to the welfare of all, she strives to bring health to the world. Her healing work opens new possibilities for leaders trying to navigate the complexity of organizational life.

Catherine knows that we can choose our path and the way it unfolds. She mentors, coaches and offers counsel on an individual basis helping map and traverse the internal landscapes, and transcend fear in order to become better versions of ourselves.