Caroline Berglund

Caroline Berglund

Learning Leader, Executive Coach

Intensely creative and curious, Caroline is an accomplished writer, speaker, storyteller, painter, roadmap-maker, novice calligrapher, lover of 4am’er, mother, partner, and philosopher. She’s a questioner, fascinated by what makes leaders tick. A challenger, philanthropist, curriculum designer, deeply interested in all aspects of communication.

Caroline has worked in the leadership space for over twenty-five years and is known for her engaging and custom approach to conducting leadership and team-building workshops. Clients say Caroline sparkles when she works. Leadership is a passion of Caroline’s, and she is fond of acknowledging Da Vinci, Aristotle, and Socrates as her ultimate inspirational leadership teachers.

Caroline is sought after as an executive coach for her non-traditional and highly tailored approach. Firm but fair, her coachees say she nurtures an environment based on trust, psychological safety, and fun.

Speaking engagements are another arena that Caroline participates in successfully. Some of her most popular talks include topics on: psychological safety; living a purpose-driven life; special needs; everyone having a story; leadership and likely her favourite: ‘Got Existential Angst? So does Caroline’.

Caroline has conducted leadership assessments, developed, and delivered leadership training, served as a leadership coach, and designed integrated leadership development programs for several highly respected organizations at every level from the C-Suite to the front lines and everywhere in between. She has also done work in selection and assessment, competency modelling, performance management, and change.

Caroline attended both the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg and Concordia University in Montreal where she studied Sociology and Political Studies. She continues to be active in the pursuit of new learning and continues to seek certifications in the leadership space. Caroline is the founder and Principal of Talk Talk Inc. and is based in Calgary, Alberta.