Influence Next

The primary tool leaders use to inspire, lead change and influence is the effective use of storytelling. Storytellers can capture the imagination and move ideas from the head to the heart in a way that gives new meaning, energy and life to an idea. Mastering the art of storytelling allows leaders an edge in gleaning attention and influencing the behaviours of others.

  • Master the art of story and presentation as a tool to influence
  • Step into your authentic power and confidence as storyteller
  • Use story to add color and gravitas to your personal leadership

Truly great leaders animate their ideas and influence people through the deliberate and skillful use of story telling. Knowledge, values and culture are created and transmitted through story and builds confidence of followers in their leader. This highly-participatory, small-group workshop delves deeply into leadership presence, influence, and impact. The capacity to engage others, authentically and unreservedly, is the hallmark of leadership success. Story engages hearts and minds; it is the primary tool in any change management process. Using theatre techniques, advanced front-of-the-room practice, highly individualized coaching, and group feedback, leaders experience the stretch and the impact in showing up big.

One of the goals is captivating leadership presence. Leaders build the elements of exceptional performance (presence, creativity, intuition, improvisation) while practicing with the tools of the performance trade (voice, language, movement, gesture). The result for individuals is often transformational. Practice presentations are drawn from real life – as always, our work is experiential and applied. This is a high-stakes, high-performance, deep impact learning experience.


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